Dangerous Compassions

July July

I rapped about a desert heat wave.  Here’s the soundcloud link.  It’s called July July.

It’s about surviving high temps with poor technology.  Trying to eat and stay hydrated.  I like “ice pack for a hat” and “jank is unfair.”  If you get the chance, please enjoy.

Thank you to those artists who leave free tracks on youtube for people like me to use.  And thank you to Ming for support in what I need to do, always.

july july

July July

too hot to think
ice pack for a hat
ice cream for dinner
keep breathing
july july is like that

too hot to cry
tears, stay in my eyes
wet i despise
too hot to sleep
fan death, don’t take me!
ice cream for dinner
’cause the summer sun
would bake me
sweat head to simmer
wet teeshirt
summer strategy

cucumber salad
popsicle valid
let’s do that thing where
we freeze juice
snow dreams are better than
no dreams for the walk in
chill me like too loose
temperature shockin

please treat the heat wave
like a glacier
climate crisis urgency
some left to save
like an illness
live on fruit
chiquita villainess
suck ice
soak your scarf
dispute the data
theory process
made a mistake
suck nice
save rage for later

sleep afternoons evenings
sedate yourself
the south swamp cooler
is blowing hot air again
jank is unfair
shit fixed with duct tape
and bubble gum repair
too many years
i despair

august is just as bad
july is the month we have
shadow of a ladder
hot justice
we already ate
ice cream for lunch
desert sacred space
not worth the ordeal
of suffer
shed the lace
shed thought
i love you though the
news is not
the news i sought
community messenger
too hot
to grow

we avoid the sun’s glow
ponder fall
early when all
this will seem a dream
don’t believe it

take the smokescreen
dopefiend vaccine
move to a land
where it’s not 116

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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