Dangerous Compassions

Michael Hannon

I got some mail yesterday from my poet friend Michael Hannon.  He told me about this poetry reading, so I looked it up.  His first zoom poetry reading.

It’s through University of California, Santa Cruz.  He’s reader #3.

The whole thing is long.  Wow, an hour and 44 minutes.  I didn’t take it in all at once.

Michael Hannon does collaborations with William T Wiley.  They go way back.  Oops, Wiley died in April.  Sad.  I saw his art on accident before, at that weird gallery north of the Bay Area.

Michael and I go a ways back also.  Ardent penpals, almost 30 years now!  Poets make the best penpals.  I will go out on a limb and say that.


Oh Michael, I knew that kid who wrote his name on my binder over and over.  So glad you could give this reading, as you get old.  The bunny part is brutal, but I’m not going to wince away from it.

Michael Hannon

I keep Michael’s poems on my fridge, and the talisman of his now-shaky handwriting.  Over a Mother Earth placemat, above a wolf, to the left of the blue ribbon I earned for my vegan cornbread in 2007.  Hahaha.

As if the love in Michael’s handwriting could keep me safe.  If only mine could keep him safe!  I must admit, I cried when his poem was over.  Just wish to hear him read forever and forever.  I love you.


Differently, I liked the young poet right before Michael too.  Bill Butler read a funny poem Dear I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Letter #2.  I found it online.

Dear I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter [Letter #2]

Also someone mentioned University of Hell Press.  I laughed and laughed, to hear the name.  Well, at first I didn’t believe my ears  But I found that too.  Perfect.

I’ve learned a lot, at University of Hell.  More than at the school of hard knocks.

fish poem

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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