Dangerous Compassions


I was with my good friend.  She was driving me and Ming home in her minivan, and we were talking.  Somehow, it came up what my favorite letter is.  As you probably know, my favorite letter is x.

Keeping the X is the name of a book my bestie and I made a few years ago.  It’s poems for xmas.  Keeping the x in xmas, for sure.


I’m very fond of v also.  But x is my darling.



I happened to be wearing my x bracelet for the first time, so I showed it to my friend, as she drove.  We were stopped at a red light.

I made it years ago, out of light blue hemp cord, two side beads, and a wooden alphabet bead.  But never wore it.  It was finally the day.

“Can you tie this loose enough that I can get it off and on, but tight enough that it won’t bother me, flopping around?” I asked Ming.  He did it perfect.  Thank you, sweetheart.

Yes, a wooden x block.  Nice and light.  Not sure where I got it.  Probably a weird garden store in a town north of my homeland.  In Cambria, maybe?  A garden store with plants, but also sheds with weird lovely cosas.


My friend asked why I like x best.  I said it’s the classic variable.  It’s mysterious–taking the place of a number.

She said I should like y better.  She said y is also a variable, maybe even more classic.  And that y is also a question.

Yes, she had a good point.  Maybe that can be her favorite letter!


Other reasons are Malcolm X, x marks the spot, buried treasure.  For a signature.  X rated.  It’s a kiss.

Oh yeah, most importantly, it’s symmetrical.  It’s symmetrical up and down, side to side.  It’s a cross too.  You must admit.  X is a very special letter.


Unrelatedly, I’ve been thinking about the relationship between permaculture and radical mental health.  Or how they overlap or can work together.

I made this sign that’s the 12 permaculture design concepts.  Ming put it up on the wall for me.


Diversify is so important to me.  I need a lot of variety, to strengthen my resilience.

I used someone else’s list and reworded a few, to suit my life.  Use small slow solutions.  Edges and margins–yes!  Respond to change.  Yes, I will.

Maybe I’ll make a whole post about it another day.  Love to all.


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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