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Hey, guess what.  We went to Purple Penguin for snowcones yesterday.


It was a trek, across town, all the way to the south side of town.  Yes, on Decatur past Blue Diamond.  Wow!  It’s because Bahama Bucks was closed for Sunday.  Hahahaha.  We needed snowcones really bad.

Speaking of bad–wow, they messed up my snowcone bigtime!  But even then, it was freakin delicious.

my preference

I love snowcones.  There is nostalgia from childhood beach days.  Yes, half cherry, half banana please.

But at Purple Penguin, you can get ice cream inside too.  Wow!  Some vanilla softserve in the middle is divine.  So good!  Yummy!

Also they are generous with the syrup.  Before, when I was a kid, the syrup would not always stick to the ice right.  But modern times, Purple Penguin and Bahama Bucks both somehow, the syrup sticks to the ice better!

Lovely.  But yesterday, Ming asked for mine to be a small, in a medium cup.

Before, I had a difficulty when Bahama Bucks put my snowcone all heaped, and it was 115 out side.  Ming walking through the parking lot, carrying his snowcone and mine–by the time he get into the car and handed mine to me, it had melted a lot and was overflowing.  I tried to sip from the edge and eat my snowcone ardently, but I could not keep up.  It overflowed more and more.

Never knew a snowcone could be stressful–but it was.  So Ming asked for my small in a medium cup, to avoid heapedness and over-melting.

how it was messed up

So it was not half banana, half cherry.  No indeedy.  It was way more cherry than banana.  But that was ok.  There will be other days and other snowcones.

But weirdly, the ice cream started toward the top.  Usually, it’s kind of far down.  That’s nice because you can look forward to it.  You can enjoy the vegan icy part, then enjoy the icy plus creamy decadence.

It was ok, not looking forward to the ice cream, but having it right away.  I’ll take it.  It was more ice cream than usual.

Then I was surprised, under the ice cream was some more cherry liquid.  It oozed up over the ice cream, after a while.  I was like–weird.  I drank it, but it was not really koolaid type liquid that I expected, of ice melted into the syrup.  It was just like drinking straight syrup.  I was like–jeeze.  Intense.

It was not much quantity, so I was ok.  I explained to Ming how my treat was messed up, and marveled that even my messed up snowcone was freakin’ delicious.


The moral of the story is, please eat snowcones.  We had a great conversation, there and back, as Ming drove.  Sunday afternoon, the traffic was pretty good.  Maybe we could make a tradition.

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