Dangerous Compassions


Oh hey, I decided to abandon my blog and zinemaking, and go live with some fairies who are off grid and offline.  We don’t do electricity!

Just kidding!  April fools.  I’m still doing the things.  Life without photocopy machines–I shudder at the thought.  Like running away to join the circus.  For me–fairies.

Do you think fairies are like penguins?  I saw this antique thing–not sure what it is.  Outside an antique store.

We thought maybe you could put a block of ice in there, and turn the wheel and somehow make shaved ice?  Pretend snow?  So if you had a pet penguin, it could frolic in the faux snow.

penguin thing

  1. I made a funny art this morning and gave it away to my community member right away.  Nice to move it through.  Well, I showed Ming first.  (It was about someone being exasperated with someone else pertaining to an unwanted elephant.)
  2. Making some good choices.  Art, relationships, ideas.
  3. Slept almost seven hours.  Yay!
  4. I listened to some songs I rapped a month or two ago and really liked them.  I was like–hmm!  I’d listen to this for fun!
  5. Working on the new zine, Love Is a Skill I Can Strengthen.  It’s getting weirder.  I’m watching it change, in a weird way, and I approve!

We went for a walk this morning, a little longer than usual.  The full moon shone on us.

full moon

There were no clouds this morning, but here are clouds from yesterday.


Also at the nearest park, there was evidence of a memorial.  I noted the orange crush and butter cookies.  Love to the departed and to those who grieve.


Here are some bonus clouds.

more clouds

back at the ranch

I hope you don’t think this is too yuck.  When I was a little kid, I liked to play with roly polies.  I noticed these yesterday in our garden, many together, but not doing anything.

“What are you up to?” I asked the roly polies.  They said nothing!

roly polies

The mantis that’s been hunting on a sunflower is still there.  Seems it has a “the captain must go down with its ship” mentality.


more recycled propaganda

My friend said I can post these pics of me and her.  So here we are at Recycled Propaganda a few days ago, photo by Ming.  In front of that nice south wall, where the phone booth is.

recycled propaganda

And then in the parking lot, we entered a fireworks stand on a lark.  Very transgressing.  My friend was like, “But what if we’re trespassing.”

I was like, “Well, it’s a parking lot!  We’re allowed to be in a parking lot!  And there’s no fireworks in there yet…”

fireworks stand

We looked out the windows.  Trash and poop were in there.  I liked the wooden counters that swung down, some sharpie drawings on the wood, and being inside a place I had never been.

So yeah.  Cool photos, huh.  Aren’t you glad I’m not running away to join the fairies for reals?  Then you could see fewer cool photos like this.

Please take a moment to say a prayer for me and Ming who took the photos, to all artists who make beautiful challenges for us.  Or if you don’t like to say a prayer, maybe you could give money to an organization that helps people, or you could not litter when you were going to litter.

Or maybe you could give yourself a treat and make some art, and then look at it with surprise, at what you made.


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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