Dangerous Compassions

affirmation arts

Sometimes I feel like giving up. So years ago I made myself a special atc with affirmations to help me understand I should keep living. When I know something will be difficult, I keep it with me.  I wanted to show you my affirmation arts.
I also keep a list sometimes of four people to call, the “check in before you check out” list. These physical objects comfort me like talismans.
Today I’ve been making lil affirmation arts to give to friends with my Keep Living affirmations. It feels great to think I could help comfort someone who needs encouragement at a difficult time.
Reading the card as needed is a trip because when I most need the affirmations, I don’t believe them. But I read them anyway, trying to remember the person I was when I made the card. I peer back through time, trying to believe. Then we make it through to another day.
A doctor is not going to save me. Not a pill–not a hospital. Certainly not a cop. But love saves me, including self-love. Art too. I have so many tools in my toolbox!
1. radical mental health support meetings
2. art
3. Ming, family, friendship
4. community
5. ecstatic dance
6. trike riding
7.  ritual, prayer, spirituality
8. touch
9. writing, zines
10. emotional first aid kit
11. delicious foods
12. self-love
13. fat liberation
14. nature time
15. service, helping others
16. learning
17. guttermancy
18. card decks, books, websites
19. gifts my ancestors passed to me
20. singing
Please consider making a card like this for yourself or a friend!
affirmation arts
I like asking for help. I’m great at thinking of new things to try. The future is full of fun possibilities. I’m loved by many people in many places. I’m good at taking care of myself. I have a lot of options.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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