Dangerous Compassions


Just yesterday morning, on our walk, I saw some cute little roses in a neighbor’s yard.  “One day, could we grow some roses?” I asked Ming.

“Yeah!” he said.

“I always think roses are for other people.  Not for humble permaculturists like us.  But they’re hella pretty!”

“Yeah, and what about the hips?” Ming asked.

“Yeah!” I said.  I love to drink rosehip tea.  Rosehips get some vitamin c in me.

Hmm, way to turn a bougie plant of “sticks with pricks” into a permaculturist’s valid tea plant.  Thank you, sweetheart.



Coincidentally, I saw this Starhawk solstice meme, with this beautiful rose, with a sun in it.  Wow!  Nothing is more beautiful than the sun.  And nothing is more beautiful than a rose.  Put them together, and it looks kinda weird.  In a good way!

As for the quote, I’m not keen on opposites.  People who say “the world is made of opposites–light and dark!  Male and female!  Good and bad!”  People who say stuff like that–I just wanna puke.  Is life made of puke and not-puke?

Coins usually have two sides…  Well, they have that long narrow side all the way around too.  So they usually have three sides.  Hahahahaha.

I need way more ranges, fields, non-binaries, choices.  I have an issue with bipolar.  Yes, I want to break away from bipolar thinking whenever I can!  Bipolarness makes me crazy!  Kind of literally.

To me, bipolar is two dimensions.  I would rather have about a thousand dimensions.  Not be stuck in flatland.


My mama loved roses.  She grew them.

The man I loved most recently sent me flowers, for my mom’s deathiversary.  There were red roses, in the bouquet.  I’m crying to remember how loved I felt.

I think he’s the only person who ever sent me flowers besides my parents, when I turned 30.  The weird thing is that I started this blog when I was 29.  So you can see my post about turning 30.  Weeeeeird.

I’m 30 today

Conclusion: I’ve been blogging since I was a young person.

Other conclusion: Please don’t send roses to a vulnerable, emotional woman who loves you, unless you’re ready to love her back.  She will get confused and keep crying about it for a long, long time.


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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