Dangerous Compassions

funding friends

Hey, my friend sent me this patch.  I love resisting capitalism, sharing freely, trading.  But if we’re going to exchange monies, I prefer funding friends to funding corporations, any day!

fund friends

I like gardening and wagons.  A friend just did update work on my websites.  I was thinking about funding friends in that context too, employing them.

Love is way more important to me than money.  I feel safer from love than from money–that’s for sure.  In a way it feels wrong, that I’ll get an invoice for the work my friend does on my websites.  Did he get an invoice, for the labor I’ve done for him, which is emotional labor?  No, but the website relationship predated the loving relationship.  It’s confusing.

And if I have money, seems good to let it flow, to support a friend’s material needs.  The emotional labor I do supports the soul.  I guess they can be separate.  Do you understand this?  Sometimes I get the feeling everyone in the world understands money except for me!

Also there’s patreon–I resisted it for a long time, ever-confused about the whole concept.  Still not sure I get it, but I’m trying out funding on patreon an old friend who’s a writer, David Rovics, and an infoshop in the Philipines Etniko Bandido.

rusty staples

The sweet radical mental health friend who sent the patch also sent me a dover coloring book of hearts.  I noticed rusty staples.  Rusty staples are a reason I sometime forget, that I like to bind my zines with string.  In some climates, yes, it’s an issue.

We could name our band that plays songs about zinery the Rusty Staples, and we could do rap battles against the Copy Scams.  Hahahaha.  We would so win.

rusty staples


I thought you might like to see Ming cutely sleeping on a Bun pillow.


This pic is very beautiful too, of a small sunflower that’s dark, next to another sunflower that has complex petals.  It’s easy to take amazing pics of amazing sunflowers!


I made this meme about a concept that’s very important to me: what I actually wanted vs what I was supposed to want.  It turned out well, and I like the colors.

supposed to want

I hope funding friends makes sense to you.  And I hope you’re getting what you need all around, money in general makes sense to you, and you can navigate the complexities of capitalism and the World As It Is with grace.  Not an awkwardness like I experience every day!

Sometimes I think I’m living in the World As I Think It Should Be, which is why I get jarred when I notice the gulf between between reality and possibility.  I try to enjoy my awkwardness–thank you for witnessing me with love.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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