Dangerous Compassions

senior center

“It’s a senior center!  It says senior center on it!” I said.

“It’s a courthouse,” Ming said.

“How do you know?” I asked.

“The bailiff told me,” Ming said.

“Oh, ok.  Well then,” I said.  This little government complex is really close to our house.  Ming is old enough to go there.  Wow, getting old is a trip.

mlk quote

This MLK quote is freakin brilliant to begin with, but shines beautiful in the dawn light.  Ming said, “I really hope that’s not on a jail.”  It was is a senior center.  The courthouse is across the way.  Isn’t it pretty?

I saw this water thing and related to it, because of the sign.  I don’t really feed the entire property where Ming and I live, but sometimes it feels like it!  #emotionallabor

feeds entire property

Ming took this cool picture of me with new hair from the bush behind me and the sun coming up.


raised beds danger

We also saw these raised beds.  Ming said they would get too heavy and break their little legs.  He considered leaving a note, telling the bed builders to cut off the legs and just have the beds on the ground.  The beds are going to break apart, and the gardeners will regret it.

raised beds

I said, “Maybe they’re not going to really grow plants in them.  Maybe these are just props for a video they’re shooting.  And there will be fake plants in them.”  Seems doubtful.

Isn’t this green chair pretty?

green chair

Grateful we crossed Craig Rd.  “I don’t always jaywalk, but when I do, I make sure to bring an Asian-American with me, as model minority,” I said.  “Then the cops leave me alone.”

Ming and I talk about race all day.  We live in a Black neighborhood, and mostly white cops swarm all over the place.  It’s so uncomfortable.  Uncomfortable to the point of pain.

feeling cards and need cards

I’m allergic to Non-Violent Communication, but I’ve been familiar with it for a long time.  Someone showed me these cards with feelings and needs, which you can download for free to print yourself.

I got excited because I like decks of cards for another way to sort and play with ideas, different from a book, something seen on a screen, or just in my head.  I’m excited that I can hold the ideas in my hands.

There’s an Empathy Buddies activity you can do.  Maybe you could enjoy these cards too.  Love to your journey and all the tools in your toolbox.–needs-cards.html


We went for an amazing walk.


I pledged allegiance to a joshua tree.  I really love plants and rocks, the sky, desert in general.  It’s hard, to have only the dawn hour to move about, in summer.  Grateful Ming drove us out toward Red Rock at 5:30 am.  I love this flat for a long time trail, near the campground.

envelope art

Envelopes are nice to make art on.  Low pressure, ephemeral, to get beat up in transit, and codes printed on it.  I love collaboration with destruction!

envelope art

I guess all of life is a collaboration with destruction, huh.  Too true, Laura-Marie.  Please turn your truth down.  It’s too bright in here.


Government buildings at the corner of Carey and MLK.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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