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telephone pitctionary

I’d like a master’s degree in wheatpasting, graffiti, murals, stenciling, street art, and trains.  Yeah, for science, definitely!  Hahahaha!

Oh hey, here’s something about wheatpasting.  Seems a good primer.  I appreciate it.


Ming, two other friends, and I made a collaborative art together.  Guess which part I made?


Yep, you guessed it.  I drew the big-handed bike dude.  I felt pretty psychedelic.  Ming drew the dog-snake.  Yeah, cute and a half!

telephone pictionary

Then we played a round of telephone pictionary.  It had been, uh, six years or something.  So fun to teach the game to friends.  So hilarious.  This is one I started.

telephone pictionaryI realized afterward that telephone pictionary is about intentional misunderstanding, and misunderstanding is the funniest thing in the world, to me.  I laughed till I almost peed my skirt.

telephone pictionary

Also I can’t get over how gorgeously Ming uses language.  His weird-ass syntax would giggle me, if only that.

telephone pictionary Doesn’t his “Deep as a well, refreshing as water I love to drink,” sound like the beginning of a cool poem by a robot?

The other friends suggested we go another round, but I was mirthed out.  Social joy had overmuched me, and I needed to depart and wind down, if I ever wanted to sleep again.  But I hope we can play again soon.

If one purpose of a game is to get to know your friends better, this game works like a charm.  And it requires little materials, no prep, almost free to play.  Great game!

Rebel Diaz

There’s some Chilean hiphop I thought you might like.  It’s blowing me away.  There’s a line I heard: this country “gave birth to a nightmare, then abandoned the baby.”  And, “Why kill the physical when y’all can murder the mental?”  Oooo, felt spot on, uncommonly so.

Love to your journey.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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