Dangerous Compassions


Hey, do you know what virga is?  Virga is when the cloud is raining, but the rain doesn’t reach the ground.  We saw some on our early morning walk, the other day.


I always get excited by virga.  Years ago I learned about it from my best friend.  Her play Verve of Verge has a character named Virga.  Virga is super-important to the play!

Once you know what it is, you might see virga around and get excited about it too.  Clouds are a good reason to live.  Clouds help me learn about love, letting go, trusting.  I could cry because my beloved clouds evaporated, or I could let them go and trust new clouds will come.  Really, I don’t have much choice.

I uploaded it CC0 to wiki commons.  Yeah, I’m a wiki commonsnaut.  I’m a wikicommons slut.  Yes, a data slut.

walk stuff

On the same early morning walk–yes, I was so excited by the sky.  This is from the middle of W Bartlett Ave, in front of our house.  So glowy!


We saw this toy bull.  Ming noted, “It’s a greenhorn.”  Hmm, I love it.


Yes, and the hollyhocks I instagrammed, with the engine my friend says might be a Honda engine.


garden pics

Back at home, I took some garden pics.  In the battle between chai and flax, who will win?  Ming cleaned out the pantry seeds, tossing old seeds in the garden.  Either way, Guanyin gets a soft green blanket to emerge from.


What do you think?  Will the basil live, this time?  Maybe whatever bugs ate the basil last try all died or left.

The pink kiddie pool has a lot of sprouting going on too.

pink kiddie pool

I guess that’s what late spring is about, before summer just bakes us.  So much seems possible.  The little sage plant in the middle is still kickin’.  I love the pink kiddie pool raised bed, with the bricks to hold down the green anti-cat poop netting, and the swamp cooler waste water hose passing through.

There are also some aloes, which I tend to ignore, as they’re so plentiful.  That might be rude.

This sunflower is getting ready to bloom, our first of the year.  Oh, beautiful potential.  I think it’s going to be a dark one.

sunflower bud

poetry memes

I made these two poetry memes.  They made a lot of sense to me at the time and felt very funny.  Later I was mystified by them.  Were they funny at all?  While making them, I felt very compelled!

poetry meme

poetry meme

Art can be that way, for me.  I just have to go with the impulse.  Make art–ask questions later.

Yep.  Whether or not it’s good, someone else can decide.  I abdicate that throne, if it’s possible to abdicate a throne you never had.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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