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My friend Stacy Russo published another book!  It’s called Wild Librarian Bakery and Bookstore.  She publishes more books than anyone I know, and I always get excited.


It’s fun to order her books from the local independent bookstore, because picking them up feels like a celebration.  This one, Wild Librarian Bakery and Bookstore, is about following your dreams.  It’s appropriate for any age of person, in my opinion, but says ages 4 and up.

There are vegan recipes also.  It was fun to hear through social media Stacy‘s journey of creating this book, and now to read it and feel the comfort of its nourishing message.  It helps me feel like change is possible, community is possible.  Not just the cliches, but I feel it deep inside me.


handmade meme

Speaking of supporting artist friends, a few days ago, I made a handmade meme about how to support artist friends.  It’s orange.

art support

Also our friend mailed us some beautiful hollyhock seeds, which I hope grow into beautiful hollyhocks.  They are a favorite flower that I’ve never grown before.


I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately.  Seems about empowerment and being oneself.  Sounds energetic and fun.

We got some more figs from the secret place.  Yum!



Apropos to nothing, I told my friend the other day: I’m not very afraid of dying, in that God told me herself that I’ll be ok.  But going to the hospital, losing my freedom, being shamed by doctors, and being treated disrespectfully because I’m fat–that’s the part that I’m afraid of.

It’s pride month, and I took this picture of my values necklace.  I love fat people, goddesses, empanadas, and being queer.


Strawberries add their sweetness.


I write fewer letters these days.  Before, I sent so much mail.  I feel burnt out, lately.  The need to rest fills my body like a sky full of stars.  Different kinds of rest, in the world.  I need the kind where I give less.

Inside me is the Mexican grandma who wants to feed everyone and might wear a bright apron and bat you gently with a wooden spoon, as you run by.  She wanted to hug you and cook delicious foods for everyone, for a long time.  But she’s snoozing in her rocking chair now, dreaming about a fluffy sheep and a weird, wide river to cross.


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