Dangerous Compassions

the show must go on

Hello!  Ming took this pic of me with the purple sketchbook.  I wrote that stuff about work and capitalism, years ago.

purple sketchbook

We are thinking about meeting in person again, the Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective.  Exciting!  We will do in person and zoom also.

Also exciting is that I cut Ming’s hair.  He needed it really bad.  We cried because my mom was our haircutter.  He buried his hair in our garden.  The show must go on.  But it hurts a lot because I don’t want to live in a world without my mom.


I cut it straight across, when maybe I should have cut it more like a U shape.  It’s longer on the sides than might be optimal.  But I think it’s a very cute look, actually.  And Ming likes it!


I saw some beautiful pallets lately.  These we saw in our neighborhood on a walk.  The one with toys is two lots east of our house.



This one was in the back of someone’s truck, at the plant nursery.


Isn’t this one especially gorgeous?  I got excited, seeing it, telling Ming, “Look!  It’s custom!”  It was at Trader Joe’s!

custom pallet

I like imagining someone, elsewhere, building that beautiful pallet.

And look at these clouds!  Are they amazing, or what?  I see the little tiny ones in the middle and am like–wtf?  How do you do it, clouds?



At a park, we saw this flower spike with a hundred bees on it.  Amazing!  I took a video of it, and Ming was nervous.  He doesn’t usually ask me to step away from anything.  He gives me a lot of space to make my own mistakes.  Usually I’m more cautious than him.

“I’m afraid they’re going to come up behind you,” Ming said to me.

“What, are bees like cops?” I asked.

flower spike

Bees seem very different to me, from cops.  But Ming has way more experience with bees, from before I knew him, and he helped keep bees.  I am fucking in love with bees.

Here’s more beautiful neighborhood stuff.


broken glass

shopping cart



caution tape


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