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my preferences

My preferences are good to keep in mind, if you would like to be kind to me.

my preferences


It’s ok whatever name you call me, as long as it starts with Laura-Marie or River.  Sweetheart, beautiful miracle, Honeybee, cutie, and Darling Heart are ok too, depending.

Peace is my preferred last name, but Taylor is ok.  River Victor is good in there.  Anything but Laura–please don’t call me that.  Ugh.

Been thinking of changing my name again.  My mom’s peeps are Delgados.  I would like that, but of course I am not thin.  Peeps before were Chavez.

If a key-maker was very skinny, she might be able to slip through a keyhole.  Maybe Nopales would be a good last name.  Yum!


If you upload photos to wiki commons, one of my preferences is that you use the CC0 or public domain copyright setting.  That gives people more freedom to use your work.  Then people like me who need free images for websites, meme making, and collage can find good free images.

Corporations steal images all the time.  That happened with a friend’s flickr photo.  He found his image stolen, in an ad, confronted the company, and they stopped using it.  But he wasn’t compensated at all–it was theft with no consequences.  Felt sad.  We know who rules the world!

Copyright restrictions on wiki commons stop super honest people like me.  Seems silly to make the super honest people have a hard time finding what we need.  Please consider making your photos free.

graffiti pics

My preferences plea is louder for photos of public art–created in public, to be seen freely.  Unless maybe you did something new and transformative with the picture you took, like some amazing lighting or juxtaposition, there’s no reason you should be hoardy with the copyright of an image of graffiti.

Someone made that to be free, belonging to all!  Not for you to get off on owning a bland photographic representation.  Information wants to be free, but especially graffiti pics.  Yep, I hear them begging for freedom.


Please be careful if you drive a car.  Don’t hit pedestrians.  People who live on the streets might cross the streets often, day and night.  Please slow down, focus, and acknowledge the sacred duty you’re taking on, to honor the beings around.

Someone close to our community got killed recently, hit by a car.  The memorial held last week by the Las Vegas Catholic Worker was a big deal.  His death was not necessary.  Please respect all people, in all the ways you can.


Photo by Ming!

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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