Dangerous Compassions


We found this amazing huge fig tree and picked a bunch of low hanging fruits.  Wow, such gorgeous black figs.  They were so delicious–free breakfast.

fig harvester

Ming’s like–nothing to see here.  What’s a teeshirt basket?  What’s a fig?

fig harvester

Then he’s all–oh yeah!  Breakfast is on me!

This is the biggest fig I ever picked.  What a spring pleasure.  I held it in my hand very lovingly, a huge cojone.

cojoneOh, mira: language is amazing.


I told Ming how the summer I was 16, I was away at art school, and I found a fig tree.  So I picked figs and ate them, never having eaten them before.

It was fun because it was a solitary experience.  I need unmediated.  No one else was controlling my fig experience.  I guess those were the freshest figs ever!


Also sweet and delicious, here’s a song our friend Vera for Love played, the other night.  California.  “Honey, put your phone down.”  So amazing, the sublime floating over and under and woven through the mundane restaurant noise.

I wanna say her voice is angelic, but I know she’s human, like me and you.  Being so beautifully sublime–that’s a possibility of the human experience.

I don’t want to put it off, onto celestial beings.  The range of human possibility is huge, and I need the space.  Let’s dwell together wherever we find ourselves, probably on the edges.


I told Ming, “The brassicas have seen their heyday.  Or else a cat was sleeping in that pot.”  The plants were somewhat falling over.

Something else funny I keep wanting to tell you and forgetting, over and over.  I need to write it down really fast, before I get distracted.  I open my computer to write the sentence, then get distracted by nine things.

free box

The free box reappeared, and I was mad people left meat on the street, and other spoily stuff like sour cream.  I threw it away the second day, before it rotted really bad.  Then the next week, same thing.  Seeing meat wasted makes me cry, like if you’re going to factory farm animals to cage then kill, the least you can do is eat the damn food!

So when I took it upon myself to throw the meat away the second time, I was like, am I doing good work, or am I a sucker?  There can be a fine line, right?

I was annoyed the person who left it there didn’t take responsibility, after a few hours.  But maybe she can’t lift it too well.  I guess we’re all struggling because we’re living in non-optimal situations.  Not enough money or health.  In a non-functional culture that doesn’t meet our needs.

human birth

We’re all here because we’re not all here, as they say.  Our neighborhood, a radical mental health collective, or planet earth.  We’re here on earth to learn our human birth lessons.

Hmm, I apologized to Ming.  I was telling him I want some obsidian, because it might help me feel safe, pertaining to my sacral chakra.

“Oh my god, I just said I need a crystal to heal my sacral chakra.  I’m so sorry,” I said to Ming.  I let my hippie show very painfully.  But he’s used to it.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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