Dangerous Compassions


Gmorning.  I made an art that means a lot to me.  It’s a new triptych that has to do with family, trust, my coastal and desert homelands, agriculture, farmworkers, downwinders, and my place in it all, with Death grinning in the middle, and fruits.  Yes, strawberries are very like the tunas, with a tilde over the n.

Here’s the triptych with courtyard shadow.


Here’s the triptych without shadow.


I’ve made art before that I liked, but this is the first time I recall making what I actually needed to.  Feels special, to emotionally heal something in me, like this.  I guess it’s art therapy!

The objects are symbolic, like in a ritual.  I feel grateful, that I keep trying and learning, and grateful to Ming and everyone who supports me.  I love you.


I also made this All Bodies Are Valid Bodies sign, some similar colors.   This idea is very important to me.  I base my life on it, like Community is possible.

all bodies


Also yesterday I made a new garden tour video, to show the Ming and Laura-Marie ways of doing disabled permaculture in the Las Vegas desert.  We have a lot of plants growing!

I pick a fig, and it was delicious!  I explain about the trees, how we eat the tree collards the most.  The mystery melon / squash I think is cantaloupe.  You can see Guanyin wearing her necklace.

I’d like to use the herbs more, for tea and cooking.  I should eat the kale too, before it dies.

If there’s any overarching message to this post, it’s that I can get a lot of different things done.  Yes, I’m disabled.  My capacities fluctuate a lot.  But the creativity doesn’t stop flowing, which I’m grateful for. Especially grateful to Ming, who encourages me.


“Is there something you’d like me to do more of?” I asked Ming yesterday.  I thought he was going to say dishes, or some other family thing to make our household run better.

“Writing,” he said.  I was holding his hand.  I almost started to cry.  Wow, I can’t believe how he encourages me to do what I need to do, for my own well-being, and to share my gifts with the world.

He’s amazingly generous and kind.  But he’s also really flippin’ smart, because the more I do what I need to do and have a meaningful life, the better our shared life will be too.  Dishes need to be washed, but another need is–I need this deep happiness that comes from doing what I’m on earth to do.

Thank you for witnessing that, reader.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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