Dangerous Compassions


Yesterday we went to a park in Henderson with a lake.  Ming likes to walk there, some mornings.  There are tons of Canada geese.  Coulda sworn I saw a plover.  Where I come from, there are endangered plovers.

So I looked it up, and the Bird & Hike guy says yes, when they migrate, you might see a plover here.

The sky was amazing, with huge clouds.  Ming and I played catch with our hackysack until our friend arrived.  Then he walked for an hour.


I sat in this shade hut and listened to polos and embroidered.  Replied to some polos also.  It was heavenly–warm but not hot, and no bugs bothered me.  Ming carried out my good chair, so I was not in pain, to sit.  Two ducks visited to beg, but they were ok.


I wrote something on instagram about the sky, how our relationship is.  It feels meaningful to me.  The sky reminds me of Ming.

my relationship with the sky is going extremely well. she’s there for me on a daily basis, anytime i look for her, and has known me my whole life. she’s always changing, never stuck in one mood or challenge. she gives me the moon, starlight, rainbows, birds, lightning, thunder, and life itself in the form of sunshine and water. she’s gorgeous, honest, reliable, loves me just how i need– always surprising me. how did i get so lucky to have this beauty in my life?

When we came home, Rainbow was posing on the stump in the cat courtyard.  She’s so relaxed, her senior self.  She’s so pretty.



Then in the evening we went to the Worker to do this fundraiser zoom for the Catholic Worker in Tacoma.  It was fun.  The sunflowers in J’s garden are blooming, sooner than ours.


I’m officially middle aged now, trying our reading glasses to see if I get less eye strain.



My favorite part was holding hands.  Desert was good too.



By Laura-Marie

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