Dangerous Compassions

valid bodies

Hey, I really like this art.  I like the mystical vibe, the tummies, togetherness of humans, triangle-ness.  The normalization of bodies fat like mine, valid bodies.  Thank you and love to the artist and models.

Thinking a lot lately about all bodies being valid bodies.  Power in relation to bodies–disability, fatness, illness, pain.  What money can buy, when it comes to healthcare.  And what money can’t buy.

My pain has gotten worse lately.  My pain has been “more than usual” for a while now.  More pain than usual is the new usual.  I’m ready to try something new and asked my friend about the place she goes for energy work in Boulder City.



Lately we like to go to a park, walk around, play catch with a hackysack, and just goof off.  It’s fun.  We really like each other.


The yuppies are walking around the bouncy track, kind to their joints.  Kind to their valid bodies.  The track makes me nervous, of course.  I’m that kind of craxy.  I need freedom all fuckin’ day!

I want to get a master’s degree in playgrounds!  Today I saw this thing and was like–hey, capitalism everywhere!  Worse than the “customer in training” I saw on kid-sized shopping carts in Trader Joe’s.  Yeah, sad.


Then I was thinking how my mom would play Starbucks with her preschoolers.  She would be sitting or standing in a playground location.  The kids would come by on their trikes.

She’d say, “Can I take your order?”

They’d say, “I would like one muffin, please.”

She’d say, “Ok, that will be three hundred dollars.”  They would hand her the pretend money, and she would hand them the pretend muffin.

There would be conflict, variations, reaction such as, “What?!  You want five muffins?  All blueberry muffins?  No way!”  Scandal.  Oh yeah, scandal of the invisible, non-existent preschool trike muffin drive through.

I’m crying to miss her vibrancy.  She was so living, I can’t understand how she’s dead, now.  I guess it makes sense she put so much life into me.

swing Ming


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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