Dangerous Compassions

getting old

“Is that too great a burden to bury?” I asked Ming.  Then I laughed and laughed.  Getting old is wild.

On Saturday, a friend I hadn’t seen in more than a year asked, “Why is your hair turning gray?”  I love being 44, who I am, my age, and all I’ve been through, to get here.  But I don’t always enjoy how other people react to my age, especially their assumptions about me.

What a weird world we’ve created, where the marketing and packaging is more important than the actual content.  Now I kinda get why people want to dye their hair, which I never understood before.  Not about denial or wanting endless youth–more about not wanting to be misperceived as unsexual and unpertinent.

new video

I made a new video about ecstatic dance to answer a friend’s question.  I talk about fatness and thinness, disability, japa, and what an ecstatic state is.  Ecstatic dance can create its own energy.  My body can feel its truths that only come through movement.

Ming filmed me at the playground of the local park.  Some grackles squeak, which I appreciate.  Please listen, share, like.


This video posted yesterday by Feral Publications shows some mail I sent being opened.  It’s funny to watch.  I sent three zines for review–vegan cookzine Please Pass the Plants #2, trike diaries 2, and functionally ill 27 about my mom dying.

This song saying no to a racist, sexist boy by the Linda Lindas has become more known.  My friend’s kid heard it and asked my friend to play it again and again, which is sweet.  “Racist, Sexist Boy.”

Speaking of brilliant powerful ladies, I’m charmed lately by these two goddess women Althea and Donna!  “Uptown Top Ranking.”  The wikipedia article says the album was recorded as a joke.  Wtf–love is all I bring.  Love and a hot dish, some random zines, and gorgeous attitude.  Recording an album seems like a lot of work, for a joke…!

Fuck anyone who disrespects women’s work.  They can go circle jerk with some nasty frat boys who wouldn’t know good art if it bit them on their white butts.


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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