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hat genius 23

hat genius 23

I made hat genius 23, a new poetry zine.  Poems about psych wards, amethyst, addiction, sexual longing, basil, and looking for the elusive extra nipple.  How mental illness is the history of my family.

There’s a series of short poems about dreams right in the middle, and I drew some cute pictures too–shopping cart, street signs, diamonds, secret snake in a hat.  Glad to make it to issue 23, my favorite number.

hat genius 23

It’s 32 pages, half size, handbound.  I’m up for trades!

It was in the works so long.  Glad it’s finally done, so I can send hat genius 23 to my poet friend Michael Hannon who is old now.  Yeah, getting a few more words in.

Poetry zines have a bad reputation!  But if the poems are fun and lively, as these are…  There’s no need to be afraid of language lineated.  Just a bundle of wild ideas in fresh phrases.  Like a word-seed-bomb, sure to land on fertile ground and grow some green ideas.


I like trading with other poets and spending my life loving other poets.  But people who are creative in other ways are cool too.

Love to the readers.  Here’s a video of my friend Michael Hannon reading some poems, five years ago.  I had never heard his voice or seen him besides a photo.  We’ve been just penpals for almost 30 years.  Yeah, his voice and mannerisms are about what I expected!

I like at the end of the second video, when he slumps back in the couch.  Like–there you go!  Your poem-meal for the day!  I have to laugh at many of the lines and ideas.  Poetry can be so incisively funny.  I love it for that.

Thank you to Ming for taking the photos of me holding the unmachinable originals, and to the friends who inspired and supported me in writing these poems, and making the drawings too.  Especially Ming, who does more than anyone will ever know.  Thank you, generous darling sweetheart.

Index of Women

Oh hey, my old teacher Amy Gerstler has a new book out, Index of Women.


Looks great! 

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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