Dangerous Compassions


Look at these pretty hollyhocks we saw in Kingman, Arizona.  On our way home from that long trip.



I think they’re adorable.  I marvel at their old fashionedness.  Maybe we should grow hollyhocks.

Hey, look at these sweet little white roses also.  These were at out hotel in Seligman, Arizona.

white roses

Are they heartbreakingly tender, or is it just me?

white roses

What about this gorgeous train in the dawn light?



Also this sacred place to get water, and its health advice sign.

water hole


Back in Tucson, where we tried to smell those saguaro flowers in the median, we saw a cactus growing out of a saguaro.  I think of it as a “regular cactus”–the cactus that grows tunas.  With a tilde over the n.  I guess that kind of cactus is nopales.


The interloper nopal cactus looks small, but the saguaro is freakin’ huge, so the nopal is actually three feet or so?

I think this pic of Ming sitting on a Clifford playground equipment, giving a peace sign, is so cute it hurts.  Clifford must have some sensory sensitivities, so he needs the headphones to keep his ears safe?  I can relate!  Poor pooch!


I really liked the froggy one also.  Beautiful playground sculpture.


We tried to visit the Garden of Gethsamene in Tucson, but it was locked!  I was sad to miss it.  But we could peek in a tiny bit.

I thought it would be wilder than this.  I asked a random runner if it was always locked, and he had no idea what I was talking about.



Ming recorded me talking about ecstatic dance, as a part two of the ecstatic dance youtube video.  The content is good, but my delivery is poor, and Ming had trouble staying awake.  He made too much noise fidgeting, as he held the phone to record.

So I want to try again.  But this photo to test the light and what was in the frame–there must be a name for that.  I kind of like it.


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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