Dangerous Compassions

arcosanti gratitude

  1. When I made a mistake and bashed my foot on a rock by the beautiful pool, only one of my toes was injured.  I could still walk, slowly, back to our room.  I didn’t fall on the weird path even though I was making poor choices.  I’d been out of drinking water for a while, and my left shoe was sticky inside with mud and blood.
  2. My dreams bothered me, but were not harrowing.
  3. When I couldn’t sleep but couldn’t wake, I touched my tummy and said, “I love you, Laura-Marie,” in my head.  I was there for myself, like I learned in the hospital when I almost died of that ulcer bleed and learned how to be there for myself.
  4. Ming’s first aid kit is better than mine, and he kindly bandaged my toe and closed the high window that was open above the door when I needed privacy.  I was super jumpy.  All sounds were freaking me out, especially when I didn’t know what they were.  He was totally patient with me, like always.
  5. When I got lost because the way I went previous years was roped off, I thought that other trail might get me where I was going.  I found that weird place with old chairs, cliff overhang shade, broken bells, ash tray, and around 20 dirty coffee mugs and mason jars.  I realized I was somewhere I was not supposed to be, thought I was ok as long as I kept moving.  I was afraid I’d encounter people having sex and harsh their experience.  But that didn’t happen.  But that was a step up from my usual fear of finding a dead body.

arcosanti gratitude

No bodies were harmed in the making of this blog post except my own!  Arcosanti gratitude journal ftw.


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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