Dangerous Compassions


“I think this is beautiful, in an evil way.  Is that possible?” I asked Ming.  Yes, industrial, two billboards back to back.


We were walking around this gas station, on a road trip.  It was hot, but my legs were telling me I sat too long in the car; I needed to move about.

The gas station was new, and I was thinking how it wasn’t graffitied up yet, as there was no graffiti yet, to tell the artists where to put the graffiti.  Well, someone will figure it out!


Theoretically speaking, these boxes could be an option, industrial artists of the world.

map mural

I also wanted to show you this portion of a map mural in Kingman, at the Thai place where my veg was not cooked deliciously.

map mural

Never thought I’d love Needles, or Kingman, but life is full of surprises.

Then there was this pallet by the railroad tracks, on a slope, missing slats.  So beautiful.  Darling pallet.


Oh yes, and where the tracks curved.  I wanted to witness a train curving on them, and hear if it sounded weird, from the friction.


Unrelatedly, at our hotel in Seligman, I saw these flowers in a hanging basket.  How cheerful–the yellow dazzled me.  They were vibrating in the wind.


Then two ravens flew over us, close together, and I laughed because one made that funny water dripping knocking sound.  “Did you hear that?” I asked Ming.  He said no.


Road trips are good for new perspective, new biomes, different plants, birds, climates, and landforms.  Something different, in the industrial landscape.  This trip, we’re seeing three friends also who we haven’t seen in a long time.

And visiting a beautiful intentional community which, like all intentional communities, has its share of struggle also.  A founder who had a huge ego and did it with too many people 30 years younger than him is always an option.  Yuck!

But it’s complicated, as he was not all bad, of course.  Do we have to throw out the whole project, because of one asshat?  Huge projects include the labor of many people.  But the controlling charismatic asshat gets the glory and shame.


Unrelatedly, I never showed you this video, did I, of me laughing at this excavator?

All the things I ever made, and this one gets 578 hits.  Sigh.  I love the industrial wreckage.

And I made this meme, based on another meme.  It’s about riding trike and soyrizo potatoes.  I think it’s hilarious.  Your trike mileage may vary.


Riding trike taught me how to love my body, which helped me learn how to be happy.  That’s partly what this meme is about, though self-love can be as vulnerable as love for another person.

There’s a short video of beautiful ants also.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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