Dangerous Compassions



How’ve you been?  Wow–Mother’s Day.  I was crying–too sad.  The grief is ridiculous.  Loss is ridiculous.  The lack of emotional resources in our culture is fuckin’ ridiculous.

I need to go to the emergency hand holding clinic.  No need for medication or to lose my freedom.  I just need more human contact.

Kittens could be nice too.  Drop in kitten clinic.  Puppies might work as well.


Semi-relatedly, I needed to hear this song a few times.  The video has its good aspects also–the food context, stuff spilling messily, the inside-outside issue.

But the song itself is what I need.  I study it like a scientist looks through a microscope at a beautiful important science thing.  I’m learning about human needs and language.  I’m super-hungry for the vernacular.  Please seep into me and teach me your sacred secrets.

Awkwafina is of course the main attraction!  “Just a little drop, and the girls get topless” is so succinctly true.  Yes, Awkwafina–no problem.  Shirts are unnecessary!  Very optional!


We went to a Mexican place that I was curious about, and I got a taco salad with nopales instead of meat.  Wow, what a good choice.  My mom liked taco salads, sometimes.  She would break off some of the crispy tortilla and hand it to me.  Very basic mama feeding her kid activity, sharing.

Yes, it was nice there–the workers seemed to actually like each other.  They spoke to me in Spanish, and I answered in English.  Yeah, I’m that kind of dork.

They gave Ming a bunch of Mexican gum, when he paid.  I tried a eucalyptus flavor one, which tasted like sweet deliciousness, but it got stuck to a filling uncomfortably.

We were standing by a fountain, trying to get ions.  He didn’t know what to do with the gum, so I said he should put it on an ofrenda.  He put it in my cartoon purse.  Then we came home, and I put it on the altar.



A friend enjoyed my mural pics and sent me this link to murals in Chicago, in Pilsen.  They are so very charming.  I wanted to share with you, in case you love mural pics too.

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