Dangerous Compassions

how to celebrate

I don’t know how to celebrate.  I want to learn better how to celebrate, without spending money or eating sugar.  Those are the main ways I know–going out to eat, or something involving ice cream.

ideas list

Yes, dance party is possible.  I love to dance and do it often.  But maybe I could do it in a different way–different music, or involving other people.

Popcorn–celebration food without the sugar load.  But I can’t eat corn.  Maybe an approximation of popcorn.  Treatish and carby, with a cute littleness.

A ritual could be very appropriate.  Yes, to thank, honor, mark. A joy ritual, with offering.  Like a libation, or doing something kind for the earth.  Like picking up trash at a creek, or composting.

Flowers are great, as part of a ritual or not.  Yes, that colorful, healing brightness.

Making a special art, with colors that I really need.  Making art in a new way that’s extra pleasing.  A project I’d considered but not tried yet.

beautiful letter

How about calling someone on the phone?  Yeah, that’s a great idea.  A different mode of communication than usual.  Phoning someone I don’t usually phone, maybe someone older or who likes phone calls.

Or I could write a letter, maybe a beautiful letter on extra pretty paper, or I could make some art on the paper–margin art.  A special thank you letter.

I could make a special food that was not sugary.  Something like enchiladas, or a lovely soup.  I could find an old recipe for a food I ate long ago and somehow forgot about, and make that food, from 20 years ago.

I could wear different clothes from usual, like an extra colorful shirt someone gave me that I almost never wear for no good reason.  Or a wild scarf.

I could declare a holiday.  Like make a new holiday and announce that somehow.  With special decorations, or its own symbols and fun behaviors.  Yeah, new traditions!

I really like the idea of doing stuff that gives more health.  So maybe going for a walk in a special place or a special way.  Or a massage–something good for my body, that’s a treat.

Declaring a day for extra something would be nice.  Like an extra rest day, or extra silence.  Maybe a sabbath with more activities left out.  Or a break from technology–putting my phone in a drawer and closing the drawer for a while, if that was a happy thing to do, that day.

Potatoes–yes.  Maybe tater tots could be like popcorn.  Yeah, sounds delicious.  Cute lil puffy things.


How do you celebrate?  I must be forgetting something.  Please tell me what you like.

Maybe a walk at a cemetery, to talk to the dead, and situate myself on a realer timescale.  I could sing a song to them, lovingly.

Trike ride is always a celebration, but we could decorate our wheeled conveyances differently?  We could decorate our helmets, or put streamers on the frames of our machines.  We could make more noise and pretend it was a wedding.

Neighborhood people would ask, What the hell was that?

Oh, the fat lady on her trike, and that long haired Asian guy passed by, making that noise.  Not sure why!

New song could be nice.  Singing to dumpsters, trees, mushrooms, Mother Earth herself.  Yeah, sounds good.  Let’s do it.

how to celebrate

Oh, how about doing something kind for others.  Like I could do a chore Ming usually does, and he could be delighted.


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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