Dangerous Compassions

celebrating health with health

A respected friend is teaching a zoom workshop monthly, starting May 22.  Here’s the image I made, to help him advertise it.


Maybe too many words, huh.  And pics with people in them get more attention.  But he might fill his class.  We’ll see.


Yesterday Ming and I went for a walk by the urban river.  It was a good walk.

Then Ming had a doctor’s appointment and got great news.  So we went for a second walk, on the same urban river trail, headed south this time.

“Feels great, celebrating health with health,” I told him.  He agreed.

pretty baseball

I found a baseball.  It was on the ground by a plant.  Felt excited and picked it up, examining it.  Pretty baseball, slightly orange from the red dirt.

Then I was telling Ming how baseballs feel valuable to me.  More than a tennis ball.  Tennis balls spoil kind of quick.  Then you can give them to a dog.  But a baseball has a little more worth.  More than a golf ball also, for sure.

I told him this story about how I found a baseball when I was a kid, and it was coming apart at the seams.  So I sewed it.  I kept that baseball for a long time.  This one I would like to give to a kid I love.

“Says Wilson on it,” I told Ming.  “I don’t know who that is, so I can’t give it back….”

“That’s the brand,” Ming said.

“Yeah, I was just kidding,” I said.

Ming explained the park we were at was actually a soccer complex, named after someone named Wilson, so my joke was complicated.

Oh yes, I had a cat named Mookie long ago.  He was a Wilson also.

flood channel

Kinda hurt my feelings, the urban river was called a flood channel.  Wow, my sacred, beautiful river.  It confused me, like was it just a flood channel?  That sounds so cheap and bad!  It’s just a language issue, but I don’t care for it.

flood channel

urban river

This parking lot dumpster was escaped from its dumpster hut, and I like the pink, of course.


This one is 5x like me, and has a pallet pal, as all dumpsters should!


All these locks were on the fence, at a certain spot, confusing but pretty.  Also like me!  Confusing but pretty.


“Will you go spray paint the mini-coffins over on the pathway?  I’m sure the city won’t mind.”

coffin outlines


This tree is covered in gorgeous dark wine flowers.  I think it’s desert willow.  But usually desert willow flowers are paler.

desert willow

graffiti advice

Look at this stable of sawhorses.

saw horses

Some graffiti gave us a message, so we tried to follow its advice.  I thought we might find some books, but I don’t think it really says books–it says bosks?


You can see written on the back of the shed, an arrow to the bosks.  So we carefully looked in that bin.


I guess a bosk is some wood.  Yeah, like bosque?  But this is more like scrap two by fours.


Maybe I misunderstood the whole thing?  At any rate, maybe anyone is welcome to this scrap wood?  It’s undefended, in these bins.  Must be plentiful.


Asked Ming to take a pic with me in the shiny building window reflection.  He was tired by then.  Poor sweetheart.


That’s grate.


I like this song Bosque by some friends.  Thank you for celebrating health with health, with me.  Love to all.

the present is a way out

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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