Dangerous Compassions

how to have fun

“Hey, honey.  How are you doing?”

“Uggghhhuhhh,” Ming said.

“It’s morning.  You wanna wake up?”

“Errrr.  Uhhhh!”

“Can I cuddle with you?”


“I adore you,” I said, hugging him.  “You are so good.  It’s 5:15.  The birds are twirting!  They’re trying to wake you up.  The birds are twerking!  They’re doing that weird thing with their butts again!”  Laughter.

He grabbed his phone to turn the birds off.

“Are you glad I waked you up?” I asked.  He needed to go to the Worker to serve the hungry.

“Yeah.  Need to get up.”  He had that froggy sleep voice.

“Ok, let’s do it.”  I got up and grabbed his left leg.  “Good!  One leg!  Can I have your other leg?”

He slow motion scootched his other leg to me.  “Thank you for helping me,” he mumbled.

“Yes!  One leg is less helpful than two.” I pulled on his sleep-heavy arms.  “Yay!  We did it!  Here’s the door.”

I opened the bedroom door for him.  “Don’t let it hit you on the way out.  Let me hit you!”  I smacked his ass.

We laughed, and he was up, shuffling toward the kitchen, hair very messy, eyes half open.  Looking for energy and how to have fun.


Here’s the moon from our driveway, with our address.


The square bed is full of tree collard and some squash I’m not sure what it is.  Hopefully that weird trombone squash.  The aloe is blooming its gorgeous orange, which the hummingbirds love.

how to have fun

The baby Bartlett pear tree, leafed out in lovely spring splendor.


Sunrise is very very amazing.


Dreaming of new plans, bright ideas, how to have fun.  What does it mean, to celebrate?  Trips I wanna take, ideas to share, people I want to write letters to and thank.

Board meeting today, but I slept–thank God.  I had a headache and stopped eating.  Ming made me some quinoa, but I needed sleep more than food.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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