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gratitude list

Today I’m getting interviewed at 10 pacific by David Rovics.  Please consider listening.  His youtube is a good place to catch it.

blue trains

Here’s my gratitude list today, joy sprinkled your way.  What’s on your gratitude list?

  • I’m so glad my finger got better, where the cactus microspines got into it.  It’s healed.


  • I did another radical mental health patch, and it’s pretty.  Is this real batik or fake?  It’s on both sides, so maybe it’s real?  Yellow is such a good color for me, especially yellow thread.  And nice with these cool blue colors.  It’s flying in the mail to Minnesota soon!
  • I’ve lived to the ripe old age of 44, through dangers untold, and I like my life super much.  Yay!  I’m lucky.
  • Deep self-worth is a good option for me.  The faith I have in myself is a wonderful trustworthy goodness.  I can keep going, always there for myself.
  • I had to deny the violence, I lived with, as a kid.  So now as an adult, I can be a peace activist, writer, zinester who tells the truth about violence and everything else, all fuckin’ day.  Truth heals me, is a deep pleasure, and informs others.  You’re welcome.
  • Emphatically loving everyday things such as trains, pallets, dumpsters, traffic cones, clouds, the moon, sunshine, plants, rocks, veg food, junk birds, postcards, mail art, graffiti, all bodies of water…  I have a lot to be excited about.  It’s wonderful, sometimes, just the joy that the sun is coming up again, and we have a new day.  I tell Ming, “Hey, look!  The sun is coming up!  It’s happening again!  Do you believe it?”
  • Most days, my pain is low.
  • I’m not addicted to any drugs.
  • I have more than enough food, water, clothes, shelter, air.  Love from myself, Ming, friends.
  • I can go into the world and find newness, wildness, stimulation.  Then I can retreat, feel everything, and write it down, alone.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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