Dangerous Compassions


This morning very early, I recorded a cover of Moonshadow.  It was fun.  I hope you like it, if you listen.

Then Ming and I went for a morning walk that was a little too ambitious for me.  When we come here to Beatty, I always want to rest a lot.  I think it’s the higher elevation.

Ming and I walked up some hilly streets, then up a trail, toward the B on the hill.  I felt a little cranky.

I was thinking how I used to hate red, and I hated blue too.  And now, I can love them and seek them out, even buy clothes that are red or blue.  How strange.  I like almost all of the colors now.

Also I was thinking about a friend I love and am afraid to lose.  Sad curiosity.  There’s a progression for me: sad curiosity, nervousness, anxiety, panic.


Wow, do I look photoshopped in this picture?  I stand out from the desert background, like I didn’t belong.

There are a couple videos I want Ming to help me create.  One will be a part two of the ecstatic dance video.  Another will be me show-and-telling my emotional first aid kit.

On the walk, I saw a yellow ball.  As I got closer to it, I saw it was actually a small round gourd.  I kicked it a few times, toward the street, so Ming and I could play, together.  The third kick, it hit a rock and broke into pieces, seeds flying.

“Bet you weren’t expecting that,” I told Ming.

“No,” he said.

We also saw two bunnies, ruins, creosote, sky.


I finished the art embroidery I was doing on Ming’s shirt.  Did I already show you this?  I might use interfacing, next time.


It’s based on this graffiti I saw, in Las Vegas, while stopped at a red light.


Envelope drawing I made, also based on it.


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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