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urban hike

We went on an urban hike.  Then another, then another.  It became the most natural thing in the world.  Like, why weren’t we doing this every day, before?

I like the urban river, its trash, moving through space on flat paths.  Early morning light.  Giving health to my body, and long conversations as we walk, me and Ming.  Let me show you some pics.

urban hike stuff

Interesting trash collection.  Do these objects go together?

urban hike flowers

Power flowers reach for the sun.


This trashy river had more water in it than usual.  Maybe it was because of snow melt in the mountains, or maybe a sluice let water out, somewhere upstream?  I don’t know the plan.

I never used the word sluice before.  Please join me in the joy of new word using.

urban hike

What do you think of this bridge and bridge?  Pretty amazing, huh?  Or the side part to the right.  Different trash in there.


Pretty broken Jesus candle is sacred trash.


All these blue cannabis tags all over the place.  Ming showed me a mega greenhouse that had either weed or tomatoes.


I theorize a huge gust of wind blew a fuckton of done tags out into the world.  They’re everywhere.


Look at all these brilliant blue broken zip ties.  Mmmmm, yeah!


This needle looks like a cross, which gives me a lot of religious addiction thoughts.  Love to the addicts and how trauma gets us here.

heavy metal


Do you like heavy metal?  This huge-ass land bridge in industrial world North Las Vegas is way, way bigger than the other bridge.  Ming says it cost millions.

I couldn’t help but think of the cronies who got rich off this.  No other walkers were around, the half hour or so we walked on this bridge and took pictures.  I mean by that–it’s under-utilized and feels like a scam.  But we had a good time on it.

urban hike

Hey, look at this river of cars and rivers of water.


This wrecked billboard is my favorite, with pigeons.  It feels exciting to me, late stage capitalism and urban decay right before my eyes, clear as day.  Part of me wants to sail it like a pirate ship, or put my own message on it!  What would you say, on a reclaimed billboard?

low flow

This pic shows the low flow of a week ago.  The river here is just a trickle.  And this pic shows the industrialness of the area.  Sometimes there are really yuck smells we smell, on these trails.  Just sewer, or truly yuck smells of factory gasses of harm.

urban hike

I love pallets!


I like to make peace with Las Vegas on an urban hike.  We appreciate learning about our city and loving our bodies in this rivery way.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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