Dangerous Compassions


Hey, we went to a protest.  We were opposing evictions and rent in general, really.  It was good to show up.  I flew my Community is Possible sign.

But the cops were acting bad.  They were in one spot, and a tow truck was with them too.  Then one circled around behind us, so we were surrounded.  We were by this fence that can’t be seen in this picture.  I felt scared, and we left early.


Local celebrity Minister Stretch was giving a speech, when Ming and I showed up.  He said something about pressure turning us into diamonds, which I loved.  It made me want to paint a new sign with diamonds on it.  Nothing but gorgeous glowing diamonds.  Probably no one would understand my sign.  Oh well.  I should make it anyway.  I would understand it.

Here’s my Community is Possible sign.  I guess my idea is if we have community, we don’t need rent.  That’s my experience.


Also we cooked vegan pea soup for Food Not Bombs again.  It was fun and easy.  Pea soup can be so good, even when it’s simple.  We packed it up into cups again, for individual servings.  Better fitting lids this time.

Thank you, Ming, for starting the water to boil, getting packaging supplies, the box, doing the hand off.  Washing dishes afterward, and the stove.  Oh wait, you did the whole thing.  Thank you.  You are amazing.  I love you.


We’ve been walking on this Neon to Nature trail.  I’m trying to help my leg issue by increasing my exercise.  I think it’s working.  Luckily we’re good at waking up early.  So we can catch the sunrise hour, when we need to, starting next month.

This portion of the trail is flat and feels kind of safe in that I’m not going to get hit by a car.  But there’s a bad sewer smell sometimes, so we’re going to try a different portion of it tomorrow.

neon to nature

Someone left the gate open, to the urban river below.  I wanted to sneak down there, but I don’t feel good about climbing the ladder.  Last time I had to climb a ladder it was from a boat onto an island, and from the island to a boat.  I did ok, but it was only a couple steps, and someone strong helped me.


I was scared of falling down into the channel and held onto the fence like a little kid.


punk rock baby

Lately we’ve been listening to a lot of David Rovics.  I’m really liking it.  Do you know this song, Punk Rock Baby?  I love when humor can heal.  I laugh, and my heart feels all soothed and well.  Thank you, artists.  I need your help.  I relate to the baby.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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