Dangerous Compassions

things to do when I’m distressed

I made this art, with sentences like affirmations.


I like the colors–I felt brave, never using colors quite like this.  And it helps how the sentences go on the colors…?  It changes their movement.

Then I made this one for Ming to have sentences to say to me when I’m really upset.  I talk to myself like this.


Also I made a list of things to do when I’m distressed.  Sometimes I really draw a blank.  I make lists like this periodically; it’s good to do a fresh one.

things to do when I’m distressed

ask for Ming to touch my back

deck cards–You Are Not Too Much, DBT, The Universe Has Your Back

emotional first aid kit

reach out to safe person–email E

prep food for future meal, like veg

care for my body–shower, brush teeth, walk, dance, trike ride

sing, pray

ask Ming for kind sentences

tell myself kind sentences

gratitude journal

drink water, make tea

talk to Bunny

comforting music

noise canceling headphones

make art

make lists–visioning

cry, breathe

liberation is for everyone

It’s a lot of work, caring for myself and others.  But I’m up for it.  I can pretend that when the government awarded me disability, after years of waiting and two appeals, it was paying me to love myself really good and create a life of well-being for myself, outside of paid work.  I can pretend the government was blessing me in a beautiful way, funding my freedom.

And of course, we are not well or free on our own.  Interdependence is life.  Liberation is for everyone.  So we need to bring others with us, as we can.  That’s partly what the Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective is for.  And my blogs, zines, and poetry.  Thank you for hearing me.


Hello from Rainbow, the resident charmer.  “The only solution is love, and love comes with community.” –Dorothy Day

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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