Dangerous Compassions


“Example cats,” I said.  I was thinking about making cat sculptures / toys of cats I’ve loved.  The now invisible made visible.

“Is that like thunder cats?” Ming asked.

“Thunder cats–I know what you’re talking about.  A cartoon–they were like cats, but like people, in these colorful space suits?  Did they have a ring?  Or a sword or something?”

Ming began to laugh.  “A ring or a sword or something,” he said.

“Yeah!  They all had a thing.  Some kind of prop.”  I was lying in bed, super tired, with a benedryl hangover.  “There was a sword.  Super Woman had a truth lasso.  That was so cool!”  God, how many times have I daydreamed about the truth lasso.  “And those wrist things that could deflect bullets.  And Spiderman could shoot the webs out of his wrist things.”

I touched my own wrists, imagining the deflecting bracelets there.  And how many times have I made that motion, of shooting webs.  I must admit–many a time.  Ecstatic dancing the other day, in the sun, my arms were doing some delightful moves, including a web shooting-like motion.

“Wonder Woman had that invisible plane,” Ming said.

“The invisible plane was hers?” I asked.  “Wow, yeah, I loved that thing.”

“The silly thing is how you could see her, in the plane,” Ming said.

“We had a special view of her.  The kids watching the cartoon, we could see her specially.  Other people could not see her.  Villains could not see her.”

“They should have had a dotted line,” Ming said.  “Invisible Woman had a dotted line.”

“Hmm, yes.  I should get a Master’s degree in this.  My thesis could be Who Can See You: The Semiotics of the Dotted Line in 1970s Cartoons.”


Yesterday we got our second vaccines.  I thought I was going to barf last night but did not.  We’re sleeping poorly–Ming has joint pain.

When we got home, I danced in the courtyard.  I had a few hours before my side effects really started.

Thinking of making a part two about ecstatic dance.  A friend watched the video then asked me some questions; I realized I didn’t talk about the ecstasy at all.  I guess I figured everyone knows about ecstasy already, and where energy comes from.

Yesterday I learned that I can like goat cheese.  This stuff made by a friend is very mild.


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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