Dangerous Compassions


Hey, I was thinking about dance.  That video I made and shared, about ecstatic dance, was a good experience for me.  I like finding new ways to communicate my truths.  I got some appreciative responses.

Ecstatic dance is free, spontaneous dance anarchy.  As for regular dances, I wish there was a traditional dance of my family.

My dad was white.  There was a special boot thing on a stick, with bottlecaps nailed on it.  I think it was from a pub, maybe the pub my peeps owned in England?  The Swan.  I think in Ipswich.

People got drunk and stamped this stick.  I remember seeing it, when I was a kid, and feeling strangely confused by the sacred, overwhelming object.  I was not allowed to play with it!

Oh, Granddad.  Granddads with their toys.

New Mexico

Then my peeps on my mom’s side were Mexican-American.  The family history goes back to the 1500s, which Ming says is unusual.  Peeps in Spain, then the Canary Islands, then mostly to New Mexico.  But New Mexico was part of Mexico, then.  So they were in Mexico.  But the borders changed.  Not sure how much that mattered to them.

Reading the family tree online, there’s a wedding I saw in Mexico City, and some a birth and death in what is now Mexico.  But mostly they were in New Mexico.  So it was a long time.

I was taught no special dances, by family members on my mom’s side.  I wish.


bed dance

I like to honor the sun, especially the early morning sun.  Going outside to praise the morning is a pretty common thing for me to do.  And it involves body movement.  I lift my arms to the sun and thank her for rising again.  I love her, deeply, with a wiggle of my hips.

Creating traditions is so fun, but I rarely do it.  When my mom died, I could shed the holidays I was celebrating for her.  The pagan holiday of Imbolc is my favorite holiday now.  I also like Valentine’s Day, the new years of multiple cultures, different thanksgivings and feasts.  Feels good to become more who I am.

I don’t know how to make dances.  Writing poems, making zines, blogging all are pretty obvious to me–how to write a letter, even how to make a song.  But choreography eludes me.  Ming and I are a good family–we will not have kids together, but it makes sense to me, to make up some dances for our family, even thought they might end with us.  Wish us luck.

I dreamed of making a special dance for when we got married.  Actually I asked my bestie to choreograph it, and she considered, but said no.  She was busy and inwardly focused at that time.

Maybe for our ten year wedding anniversary, Ming and I can have a special re-wedding dance.


Wish me luck building new traditions in the form of dance.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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