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ecstatic dance as embodied healing

I made a video about ecstatic dance as embodied healing, what it is, how it helps me.  I posted it on youtube.  Maybe you would like to learn why ecstatic dance is so important to me.

Here’s the blurb I wrote to summarize.

Ecstatic dance is my favorite embodied healing modality. It helps me love my body, keep all the parts of me doing the same thing, take a break from language and being my regular self, experience God, learn about who I am, and feel my consciousness in my entire body. Also it’s a great way to reclaim movement by disconnecting dancing from anxiety about being seen and being judged as a potential partner. Ecstatic dance is inner, informative, and similar to meditation as a spiritual practice. It helps me stay happy and is good for the health of my entire being.  It’s an important way I care for myself, one tool in my toolbox of radical mental health.

Thank you to Ming for holding the phone to record me, and those little nods when you liked what I said about ecstatic dance as healing.  You have no idea how much you encourage me.  You’re amazing.  I’m glad your arm wasn’t hurting.  Yes, the video was longer than I expected.


And thank you to my friend for being curious about ecstatic dance, which encouraged me to make this video to explain.  Thank you for valuing me, my experiences, my words, and for learning about what matters to me.  I love what you give to me, but also what you inspire from me.


Tomorrow we leave the little cabin we’re staying at.  It’s been a great retreat.  I enjoying resting and caring just for me and Ming, for a while.  More nature time and life simplified.

It’s super pretty here.  What a beautiful time of year–our brief spring.  I wish you could hear the frogs sing or coyotes howl.  Let me show you some pictures.







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