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trike magic

Hey, if you would like to buy my exact trike, looks like Home Depot has them in stock, for $329.99.  What a deal!  You could have your own trike magic!

We paid something similar.  It’s lightweight, beautiful, good for a person of my height, which is 5′ 4″.  The instructions ours came with were not even for the right thing.  The paperwork they included was freakin’ irrelevant!

But Ming assembled it–trike magic indeed.  Aw, what a skilled, caring sweetheart.  Spousal support for the win.  Domestic nonviolence forever.

There are a couple other issues with this trike, but mostly the difficulties were for a very heavy person such as myself.  If you weigh a more normal amount of pounds, you will probably be fine.

trike magic

what’s up, doc?

There are a lot of other things I’d like to tell you.  I was having an issue, and dial-a-doc came to our house.  It was a horrible experience because the doc was an asshole–condescending, over simplifying, disrespectful.  I guess being made of assumptions can save a lot of effort.  But you sure do miss a lot.  Like usual, they diagnosed me and prescribed pills I didn’t take.  And I feel better, not taking the pills.  Hmm, why does that happen every time?

The doc called me “young lady,” which was frosting on the ass-cake.  I’m 44 years old–I am not a young lady.  Nor am I an old lady, who jerks find it funny to call young.  I am a middle aged lady.  Violent assholes become cops–subtle assholes become doctors.  I have noticed a lot of that.

Beforehand, I noticed a raven croaking above me, in the courtyard.  I didn’t believe my ears, looked up, and saw it soaring.  Wow!  They’re never in this part of town.

The raven did me more good than the doctor did–that’s for sure.  I made a poetry meme about it.



Also, happy spring, this-hemisphere-buddies.  This leaf would like to wish you a joyous equinox.  Love to you as the wheel turns.


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