Dangerous Compassions


I got these stickers of Audre Lorde and Octavia Butler.  They are so beautiful.  Audre Lorde is my hero and celebrity crush.

Audre Lorde is so cute, huh?  She has that look, that thoughtful look of hmm, I’m a badass!  I could out-think you here, there, and everywhere!  Like a damn fox.  I’m the brightest possible being!  A badass of love and thought.  No wonder I adore her.  That’s what I want to be also, a badass of love and thought.

Audre Lorde stickers

They included a free sticker I do not agree with.  No Justice, No Peace doesn’t really resonate with me, as they say!

I am a peaceful person.  It mostly comes naturally to me.  But it’s a choice also.  My body was not made to harm.  My hands are to help and hold, to touch kindly.  Plenty of people want violence–if I don’t do it, I think the world will be ok.

Maybe if someone attacked Ming or another very dear one, an instinct would come out of me, to do violence to defend.  But that’s all I can think of.



So yeah, anyone want this sticker?  I asked Ming if he could think of a friend we have, who would like it.  He thought for a minute then said I should write about it, and then if anyone said they wanted it, I could give the sticker to them.

I said it would be cool to post about the people who made these stickers, Color Collective.  I learned about them on instagram.  Thank goodness for social media, bringing so much good to my life.

And thank goodness for Black lesbian excellence, brilliance, speaking truth, helping me learn how to speak my truth too.

Here’s a poem from Audre Lorde’s final reading.  In 1992 I was in high school.  So I was playing bassoon, failing math, having boyfriends and not yet girlfriends, eating French bread and raw mushrooms, making zines, writing my own poems.  Yep, back then.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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