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psychonaut’s prayer

I made a new poetry meme, psychonaut’s prayer.

psychonaut's prayer

I think this is a prayer series now, since I had the addict’s prayer too.  What do you think?  I used a public domain psychedelic art from wiki commons.


I was meditating Wednesday, at the Worker–it’s Lent, so we have different prayers.  During the meditation, yeah, I was praying.  And I found myself praying to Mother God, asking her to protect my mind as I journey.  The sentence was extra vivid to me, and I thought it would make a good psychonaut’s prayer.

I just kept repeating that in my head, for the rest of meditation, so I could remember it.  But it made a good “mantra,” anyway.  Meditation seemed extra short.  Maybe we go only ten minutes now.

Ever since I remember, I’ve heard voices.  So I think I don’t need to do mushrooms or LSD.  Psychedelic art is very appealing to me, almost a default style.  So maybe my mind is psychedelic all the time, effortlessly.


Last time Ming and I were in the Bay Area, in 2019 around my birthday, we were in El Cerrito housesitting for friends, two weeks.  I really wanted to go into San Francisco to visit the LSD blotter museum.  We were so close.

I messaged the museum person to make an appointment to visit.  Can’t remember why that fell through.  We didn’t have the energy, I think.  Getting into the city and out again seemed like a huge ordeal.

There was something else we wanted to do also, some weird experience at a different museum in San Francisco, some intentional sensory overwhelm thing.  But it was at night, and it would have been hard to get back to El Cerrito, during our waking hours.  Rich people could get a hotel near the museum.  We had very little money, at the time.

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