Dangerous Compassions


We went to the river–Ming drove us down Lake Mead Blvd toward Lake Mead.  Don’t ask me how we’ve lived here almost seven years and never did that before.  Whaaat?

We went to a chill overlook and walked around.  We saw pretty yellow creosote flowers, and a praying mantis eggs case on a creosote branch–exciting!


Gorgeous views and huge, beautiful storm clouds.


Yep, clouds are pretty amazing.  Then we went to this other place, closer to the river, to try to get to the river.


I was wearing these newish sandals and thought I could cross this shallow place to get to a little island?  Sand bar?  So I waded bravely, and Ming followed me.river

I love looking at rocks.  Someone left a bunch of orange slices on the ground, so I asked Ming for a glove and bag.  He had a paper bag inside another paper bag, and he carries gloves in a first aid kit.  Ever the street medic, or river medic!  I picked up those orange slices, a beer bottle, other trash.  A muddy toothbrush.

There was a portion of fiberglass that I carried for five minutes or so, back toward the car.  But it was hurting my hand, to carry it awkwardly, so I dropped it before I could get it to a trash can.


A few drops of rain fell.  The sky was cloudy, more and more.  The rain was a blessing and so light, it didn’t make things difficult.



Probably all this is why one of my extra names is River.  I’m nuts about rivers.  Water is my darling, in general, but rivers might the most scare me, thrill me, nourish me, delight and stimulate me just how I need.  Fill me with joy.

Some old mud cracked earth was pretty, like a mosaic.

dried mud

Are rocks super pretty, or is it just me?  I could look at rocks all day.


Grateful to my body, that I can walk around, stand around.  I sat on the ground for a while.  Felt good to rest there.  Grateful I can get down onto the ground and get back up again rather easily.

Thank you to the community member who mentioned this recreational area as beautiful, and to the other community member who gave Ming some directions of how to get us there.

I hope you’re getting nourishing nature time.  Love to all.

couple selfie

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