Dangerous Compassions

against punishment

against punishment

This is a second meeting for a workshop about how to respond to harm in healthy ways that actually help us.  It’s called Against Punishment and is important to me.

I don’t want to rely on broken punitive systems.  Feels related to the work I do around abusers in radical spaces.  I believe in community and want to find ways to do it well.

I was at the first meeting, and I loved it.  The facilitation was respectful and clear, by two friends, up in Oregon who are involved with the Neighborhood Anarchist Collective.  It involved brainstorming, which is one of my favorite activities.  I can think of ideas all day!  I love listing!  Joyful!

This second light blue info square gives the subsequent two meeting dates also, and topics.

against punishment

The zoom sessions of Against Punishment are not dependent on each other.  Anyone can come, and it’s free.  Please consider giving your mind and time to this important work.

Conflict and abuse happen all around.  They are part of the human experience.  Harm accidental and calculated.  Harm repeated and isolated.  Multiple harms from the same person, or many types of harm.

It’s a lot to sort out, just on our own, but especially in the context of communities, and when we have different needs and values.  Thank you for caring about yourself and one another in ways that are more just.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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