Dangerous Compassions


“The buckwheat was delicious,” Ming said.  I put lots of raisins in it, for him.  This was yesterday morning.

“Yeah!  It’s good, huh!  I’m going to thank L,” I said.  She gave us some food that wasn’t working out for her, so kindly.

I put half a chopped apple in mine, and butter.  “I eat buckwheat and I’m like–this is so boring.  Oh, it’s ok.  Oh, it’s pretty good.  Wow, buckwheat is delicious!  Why do I never eat this?”

We laughed about breakfast.  Might as well laugh so we do not cry.  The power was out again.  It went out the night before, so we had flashlights handy.  I lit a candle.


Then I made rice with brussels sprouts.  I make rice like normal but wash and trim about eight brussles sprouts and plop them in the water.  Plop!  They cook great–no need to slice them in half or anything.

weird potato

Then I ate the last bit of Ming’s potato.  Then I peeled an old free box zucchini and sauteed it in the wok with olive oil.  I almost burnt it, not quite, getting distracted.  Yummy with salt.  Then I ate a segment of Ming’s sumo fruit.

He brought home four vegan chocolate cupcakes from Trader Joe’s.  I was like–what??  I watched him eat one.  “Can I smell your cupcake?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

It smelled amazing.

Then I made broccoli soup.  There was this old broccoli that Ming was going to toss.  I opened the bag and inspected it.  Wow, it was great, despite it being well past the date.

The soup turned out boring.  I should have put way more garlic.  Oh well.  It’s nutrition.


My friend gave me this beautiful sacred agave in a red pot.  It’s to honor my mom.  I felt loved.


garden poetry meme

poetry meme

Making these poetry memes is joyful for me.  Thank you for witnessing my meme pleasure.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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