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more ecstatic dance

Sunday I danced more ecstatic dance.  I went the whole hour this time, and I felt I could go for another couple hours.  A little foot pain, but my knees are great!  I dance on a mat, a squishy mat.  Smart, eh.

Then I played my favorite song to dance to, on my own.  It felt great to end the experience with so much happy empowerment.  I want to ecstatic dance every Sunday morning, my church.

I’ve posted the link to the video before–please pardon the repetition.  I think it bears repeating!


I had a funny experience this morning, watching Awkwafina videos.  Wow, this one “Peggy Bundy” blew me away.  I had missed it before.

“After getting blazed in your car, your mom’s car” is a super beautiful phrase.  Wow, yes, perfect.  Brings tears to my eyes.  Awkwafina is a genius!  It’s true.

This song is brilliant about relationships, people, what we want from one another.  The sadness of the struggle to find love, “waiting for the txt.”  Something about childhood, even Spongebob, and the profound needs kindled when we’re little.  Needs that affect us the rest of our lives!

The funny part is I didn’t know who Al Bundy was–I thought he was a serial killer, honestly.  I googled him and was like, oh.  That guy!  Hahaha.  Whole different thing.  I guess there’s a serial killer with the similar name.

Awkwafina is my celebrity crush, along with Miss Eaves.  And Audre Lorde, and Scully.

I read this Audre Lorde quote this morning that amazed me.  She is my hero, it’s true.  Freakin’ brilliant.

“For within living structures defined by profit, by linear power, by institutional dehumanization, our feelings were not meant to survive.”  –Audre Lorde

Audre Lorde


I did some gardening yesterday–felt great.  Some mint sprigs I had in water in the kitchen sprouted roots and started to grow long and leggy, looking for sun.

So I planted a sprig in this head pot Ming bought me at the dollar store and drilled three drainage holes in expertly.  I was super impressed with him!



There are good jokes to be made, regarding mint on the mind.  What is Buddha thinking about?  What would Buddha grow?  His eyes look so big–he kind of looks like a baby, that sublime baby facial expression.  Not bad.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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