Dangerous Compassions

resting bitch face

Hey, I’ve been working on my resting bitch face.  That means actually I’m working on the idea that I’m allowed to walk into the world for a purpose other than taking care of everyone else’s whims.  I can walk into the world to see trees, get sunshine, run an errand, and the responsibility of the entire world is not on my shoulders.

Others’ needs are important to me, honestly.  But accommodating every want and whim is not what I’m on earth to do.  If someone looks at me and finds me cranky, that’s ok.  Whatever they find me is ok.  It’s really not up to me, to try to control that.

With a bland grin, they could find me stupid–with a resting bitch face, they could find me untrustworthy, or decide I’m not doing my job as a woman.  I don’t really care.  I’m going to be misread whatever I do, so I might as well do what takes less energy.

I hate getting flirted with by random dudes, especially when I’m in my neighborhood, just trying to get some movement.  That’s why I started cultivating my resting bitch face.


I also considered wearing a teeshirt that says No, or Leave me the fuck alone.  But people might see that as a challenge and engage me more.  Maybe something confusing, like Witness Protection Program participant–You don’t know me.  Ming liked that one!

Or maybe I Don’t Exist to do Something for You.  Bad Mood–stay away for your protection.  Not Peopleing Today: that means you.  Caution: Unstable, Do Not Engage.  Or maybe This Resting Bitch Face Is for You.

On Earth for a Reason Other Than Anticipating and Satisfying Your Whims.  Super Busy.  Not Interested.  Not For You.

Oh yeah, I told Ming a good one would be Not the Droid You’re Looking For.  That must exist already.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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