Dangerous Compassions


I made vegan pesto and more poetry memes.  Do you like this one?  It’s about seeing my friend yesterday and how her child interacted with me.

poetry meme

It’s about big moods and what psychiatrists call mania, but hopefully the kid will never have his moods called that.

Then this one’s about capitalism and billable hours.  Misogyny, emotional labor, and how much would you pay to be loved.  Priceless, huh.

poetry meme

Pretty harsh, huh.  I hope you don’t mind.  It helped me, to make this poetry meme.  Art therapy, I suppose.

My friend said I’m an artist because visual art and poetry can be clumped together.  Sounds valid–I’ll take it.  True I’ve been writing poetry for a long, long time.

Thinking about the fear you want to move away from, and the fear you want to move toward.  There’s the panic zone, but there’s also the learning zone.  You often don’t know beforehand which zone you’re going to land in.

But we gotta try new things, right?  It’s not time for me to rest on laurels.  I’m young and my mind is pretty good.  My butt gets sore from resting on laurels anyway.

I had a great sun sit, out of spoons but soaking in rays before bedtime.  How can I be so wholesome yet breasty?  How can I be less wholesome?  Please let me know if you have advice.

Laura-Marie makes pesto

Then Ming is on the beautiful rusty trailer, but he is prettier!


I took his senior pic.  He’s turning 55 next month.  I remember when that was the speed limit, but nothing can limit my sweetheart.  Well, maybe narcolepsy.



I put too much olive oil in my midnight pesto.  Thank you to everyone who helped me learn I can do what I need to do, and who made me pesto.  The healing green nourishes my cells and my soul.

Never measuring means it’s always different.  I remember a doctor who told me not to trust herbs, because their properties aren’t standardized.  But we eat food all day, and isn’t food like herbs?  Should I not eat basil because some days it’s more nutritious than others?  Fuck that!  I’m eating basil!

Every body is different, so every body responds to the standardized medication differently.  You can get your chaos one one side or both sides, but the chaos is going to be there.

Might as well embrace the chaos and learn what your own body likes.  My body likes Ming and pesto.

pesto is wholesome

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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