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My darling sweetheart Ming emailed me some guest post long ago, and I’m just getting to use it today.  Much of it was timely, but this stuff about Lord of the Rings is more generally pertinent.  And what he wants to learn, and new technology.


Who is Tom Bombadil ? I have been listening to the Lord of the Rings audio

and I have been confronted with a very long complex story. I love J.R.R. Tolkien stories. I am curious what role Tom Bombadil plays in the overall story. I have the idea that The Silmarillion or other books full of tales of Middle Earth would answer my question.

I want to learn more about the pup fish of Death Valley and Ash Meadows.
Earlier this month I took another street medic training from a group in Houston via zoom. The nurse presenter sounded very fluid and polished; her first zoom street medic training was one I organized in July 2020. I am feeling very happy that I got that ball rolling.
I was gifted some headphones and earbuds. I am very happy with them. I spent a good portion of today listening to music of friends who I used to know.
back to Laura-Marie
Yesterday Ming played Valentine Santa, delivering cute little valentines to community members, sent by a friend of the community who is elsewhere.  He also delivered these apples and tomatoes.  Appropriate valentines fruits, with their red.
Ming is beautiful
The valentines we got look like this.
Also last night he was gesticulating to me in the bedroom and looked hella cute, so here he is gesticulating!
gesticulating Ming
I had a lovely sun sit in the afternoon.
sun sit
I made this poetry meme.  I love it–it’s really fun, for me, to write a micropoem, and put it with a public domain image or a photo I took.  Feels great to create a new thing.  The juxtaposition can be a bit thrilling!
poetry meme
This band I like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah has a newish song that I find moving, a masterpiece.
I want to clear things out and throw things away, too much holding onto other people’s things, literally and figuratively.  Feels good to move stuff along.  Spring cleaning.

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Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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