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more postcards

I made more postcards about loving Nevada, for that postcard project.  Would you like to see them?

more postcards

more postcards

more postcards

more postcards

This last one I can’t use for the project because it violates the terms of the project–positivity.  Not sure what I’ll do with it.  But I’m make even more postcards today.

There was a zoom for the postcard makers yesterday, but I missed it.  I didn’t ask for the link in time.  Maybe next time, more postcards.

garden joy

Thought you might also like to see our little jungle of cruciferous veg seedlings.  This is either broccoli or cauliflower, seeds from eeeb.

I also soaked the last of the snap pea seeds, to plant.  Ming said something about how it didn’t seem like enough for soup.  I laughed, in the courtyard, imagining that tiny bit of soup.

Speaking of soup, I’m craving potato soup.  Potato leek soup really, but onion should do just fine.  A friend mentioned on facebook, drinking potato soup out of a travel mug, to disguise on zoom that she was having a meal.  She works in public health and has been busy.  That’s an understatement.

She was praising her supportive boyfriend for helping her eat, by sneaking her the disguised soup.  But it made me remember how good potato soup can feel in my mouth and in my tummy.  And we have potatoes, garlic, onion, carrot, salt, pepper, water, and something creamy.

Love to you.  I hope you’re getting what you need.  I would give you soup, if you were here.  Or magic chocolate.


Last night was a Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective zoom.  The meetings got big for a while, but now they’re smaller again.  They feel way different to me, at different sizes.  I can relax differently, when it’s smaller.  I do enjoy them small.


This pic is missing one collectiver who came at the beginning and had to leave early.  Yeah, seven or eight people is great.

I was telling my friend this morning–who I’m talking to really affects what I can say.  When I’m talking to radical mental health friends, I can say different things and find a new depth.  I realized some things last night, when I was talking, which is very valuable to me.  The point of talking, partly.

I realized I’m off psych meds.  There’s a beta blocker I’m on for anxiety, so I’m using it as a psych med, which is next for me to taper off.  But wow.  This is me on no psych meds.  I can do it.

I told Ming I hadn’t realized, and he wanted to know how I felt.  So I tried to describe.  There could be a hint of pride.  But mostly like the cartoon character who runs off the cliff, looks down, and sees there’s no ground beneath them.  Kind of a shocked, slightly scared feeling.  But hopefully I can keep walking just fine on air.  Also, I want to celebrate, but I never know how to do that.

I felt cozy with other collectivers, and it was fun.  Worth the hours it took to wind down afterward.

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