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Hey, I’m doing this postcard project.  I get to make 20 postcards about how I love Nevada.  Yeah!  I do love Nevada!

That’s the example postcard that came in my packet.  I like it.

Then I made some.  I did a ton of backgrounds during a stressful zoom.  Then I made some foregrounds, used stencils I found in the packet.

postcard project


Art is a direction I want to move in.  Art, I want to move toward.  Riding trike, making art, two years of grief losing Mama, loving anyone, making zines–I must admit, my whole life feels like a spiritual practice.  I can’t help the meaning seeping into things, so pleasurably.  Like maple syrup seeping into the pancakes.  Yeow!

I think I’m supposed to sign these postcard project arts–that idea makes me anxious!  How many arts until I’m an artist?  I resist being an artist really hard, but I make art more than just about anyone I know, actually.  Hmm.

postcard project

postcard projectTrying to figure something out about what we do vs how we identify.  Maybe it’s Frank O’Hara’s fault!  He seemed to think you could only do one, poet or painter.  I love this poem, read it at a young age.

What the painter says in this poem–it was too much–is something we can say, yeah.  Something we can feel.

clap your hands say yeah

Speaking of things we can say, such as yeah–there’s some new music I stumbled upon this morning, on youtube.  Beautiful!  Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is a band I like very much, for many years.

I felt like an explorer, so lucky to glimpse a land I never saw before.

There’s a song Thousand Oaks that makes me remember this crappy car I had that lost its fuel pump near Thousand Oaks, that huge hill, heading back to Orange County, back to grad school from visiting my parents.

So much struggle, and that fuel pump going out was a last straw.  Twenty three years ago.  I hadn’t a clue.  Life is so much better now!

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

2 replies on “postcard project”

We can all be bohemians.
I think the term artist covers it all, including poetry.
I’m not a big fan of identity though. I just want to do my things, which are varied, and do my best and enjoy being. I have a name, Heather Loveland Watrous, and a secret name or 2. That is more than enough identity for me.
Xo to you Laura-Marie

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