Dangerous Compassions


do you feel like a jerk when you eat jerky? i asked Ming.

no, he said.  we are driving home from an impromptu river visit.

do you feel like a fun guy, when you eat mushroom jerky?

yes, he said.

do you feel like something’s fishy, when you eat salmon jerky?

no, he said.

do you feel like a poser, when you eat vegan jerky?

no, he said.  i paused.

do you feel like a pilgrim, when you eat…Tofurky?

you’re funny, he said.

we could put a buckle on your hat, i said.

Chinese-American Pagan Jew Pilgrim would add such a layer to the Ming desert experience.

i wanted to ask if he felt like a New Mexican when we visit Albuquerque, but i couldn’t get up the guts.  I miss Albuquerque.

it was great to travel, be a place outside Las Vegas valley, and rest part of me that doesn’t usually get to rest.  we were in Bullhead City, Arizona.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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