Dangerous Compassions


Oh, friends.  I’m laughing because I searched my own blog for sauerkraut and found this post.  It’s about when Ming and I got a huge bag of shredded cabbage at a church food giveaway and made Way Too Much Sauerkraut.  The post is from 2013 and can be found here.

I’m laughing about that food grade bucket, that huge mass of purple sauerkraut.  Oh, the hubris.  Oh, youth!  Yes, I was in my mid-thirties then!

Sure, it was delicious.  But it was too much.  One hazard of blogging for so many years is ability to see documented so much folly.

This mason jar amount is much better.  We tasted it this morning.  It’s freakin’ delicious.


You can see the salt crusting on the outside of the jar on the bottom because the brine overflowed.  In the background is the kombucha bottle that fits perfectly in the mason jar to hold the cabbage below the brine line.

It’s cabbage, salt, garlic, and water.  That’s it.  We didn’t measure anything.

My friend noted that using a kombucha bottle means it’s double fermentation.  Hmm, yeah.  Sounds like a very special type of foodporn for hippies!  I’ll take it.

I told him I used to run on yogurt.  So ferment ran my whole life, in a way.  I remember those days, of Ming making me yogurt in the oven, overnight, for the pilot light warmth, when we lived in Sacramento.  Those blissful first two years.


Sauerkraut is a high histamine food, so I’m not supposed to eat it.  But if I eat a little bit, an elixir amount, maybe I’m ok.  That’s what I’m hoping.  I eat small amounts of junk foods, so I might as well try small amounts of life foods.

Love to microbes, collaboration, Ming, freedom, cruciferous veg, and fermenting food activist Sandor Katz.


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