Dangerous Compassions

rainbow pouch

I cleaned out my rainbow pouch this morning–felt great.  I removed some loose dried rosemary that had been in the bottom of it, taken from the garden of someone I loved and never should have!

Oh, sweet Laura-Marie, duped by charmers, over and over again.  Nothing like holding hands and committing–hook, line, and sinker, to a common conman ass.  Well, we live and we learn, if we’re lucky.

current contents

I photographed the contents of my rainbow pouch as it is now, in modern times of February 2021.  For your pouch voyeurism pleasure!

This is what’s in there.  Pouch itself, from a store I love in Santa Barbara by the library.

Two rings in there, sewed, so they won’t fall out–a wedding ring, for me and Ming, and a twig ring I bought myself to thank myself for some work I did for the Las Vegas Street Medics.

Then an opal I love, from Cactus Joe’s, that called to me, one day, special in its basket.  I love matrices–the rocks embedded with smaller rocks.  Something about its smoothness–seemed luminous and dear.  I could relate to it.  There’s so much embedded in me, making me rich.

Then hematite–magical and gleaming.  It went in my pouch when I was sent to the cancer center to see a hematologist.

Then a little rock from the cemetery where my peeps are buried in New Mexico, in Carrizozo, by the airport.  We think the northwest corner.

Then a rough garnet, which I bought at the same time as the pouch, for energy.  I was having a problem with low energy, then.  And garnets are like rubies, to me–ruby was my mom’s favorite stone.

The red material is the petal of a rose, from the flowers my friend sent to comfort and nourish me with flower beauty, on the anniversary of my mom’s death.  I felt especially loved.

In tape is part of a gorgeous special night blooming one day cactus flower that bloomed many times, last year, in front of Freedom House.

thank you

My rainbow pouch is sacred and comforting.  Thank you for taking this little tour.  I hope you have something to comfort you in this way, if you need it.  Happy Imbolc.

rainbow pouch

I hope baby sheep of possibility are stirring in your life, strong and more beautiful than you could ever have predicted.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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